F.O.S Promotions & Sale Catalogues

F.O.S Promotions & Sale Catalogues

The Factory Outlet store or F.O.S provides value, quality and fashionable men's, ladies' and kids' clothing at affordable prices.

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F.O.S is an established value fashion clothing retail chain that specialises in affordable and quality apparel from well-known brands. 

At F.O.S, get ready to indulge in hot deals on accessories, innerwear, underwear, sleepwear, footwear, eyewear, bags, caps, watches, cosmetics, body care, fragrances, and more. 

International renowned brands that are unavailable or hard to find locally are made available at F.O.S at only a fraction of the original retail price – that means more savings for you! 

Why are the clothes so cheap?

The clothes are sourced from factory overruns and stock lots all over the world. This means that F.O.S buys in bulk directly from the factories without having to involve importers. This process helps keep costs low. And don’t worry, F.O.S labels are 100% original.

F.O.S Promotions

Want to enjoy even more discounts from F.O.S? Shop during F.O.S Clearance events or F.O.S Weekday Specials for prices starting from as low as RM15 for branded goods!

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