VoseVianne: Mens' Fragrance

24-Aug-2020 To 24-Sep-2020

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Location :
The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra

Vose Vianne, an extraordinary phenomenon of scent, is where you find your phenomenal scent of love. Premium male and female perfumes, refined essential oils, diverse diffusers, irresistible appeal and aesthetic presentation are all surprises awaiting discovery in our galore.

- Passed MOH, Sirim & Jakim Halal Test
- 100% Preservative-Free
    Every scent is freshly made for you
100% Cruelty-Free
    Vegan perfumes & no animal testing
65% Parfum Concentration
    Long-lasting scents & high-quality essences
35% Minimum of Natural Essence
    Our formulas with % of naturals ingredients
>90% Biodegradable
    Eco-friendly, reduced carbon footprint
Postage 100% Bubble Wrap

【Product Contains】
🛍 1 x Perfume
🛍 1 x Creative Packaging
🛍 1 x Creative Paper bag (for 30ML only)

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