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Isetan Kuala Lumpur is widely regarded as a fashion store, offering “value for money” quality which caters to the increasing sophisticated customers' lifestyles.

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Isetan : Kurasi Japan Fashion Wear!

10-Jul-2020 To 06-Aug-2020

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Location :
Isetan KLCC, 2F Event Hall
Isetan The Gardens Mall, 1F

Get classic wearable Japanese Apparel & Household items from our KURASi Fair!

Japan Apparel Fashion Wear all RM89
Young Ladies Fashion Wear all RM59

Also don't miss out on a FREE KURASi Original Paper Fan Gift! Limited quantity per day. 

Available at Isetan KLCC, 2F Event Hall (10th to 15th July) and Isetan The Gardens Mall, 1F Promotion Area (10th July to 6th August)


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